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Heather Manzo, Executive Director
Erin Copeland, Assistant Director
Jonathan Burgess, Program & Policy Director
Kelsey Small, Shared CFO
Matt Gordon, Regulatory Team Director
Regulatory Team
Anne Fox, Senior Resource Conservationist
Maureen Copeland, Senior Resource Conservationist
Abbigale Keefer, Senior Resource Conservationist
Sara Bach, Permit Coordinator
Holly Dugan, Permit Coordinator
Kalin Drennen, Resource Conservationist – GIS and Data Specialist
Makenzie Priest, Resource Conservationist
Keith Stetsko, Resource Conservationist
Jessica Poteet, Resource Conservationist
Soil & Water Program Team
Amy Miller, Watershed Specialist
Riley Kinney, Agriculture Conservationist
Emma Grubbs, Communications Coordinator


Board of Directors
Gregg Broujos, Colliers International – Secretary
Jenna Cramer, Green Building Alliance
Eric French, Eisler Landscapes – Chair
Ruthann Omer, Gateway Engineers – Vice Chair
Anita Pritzio, Allegheny County Council
John Scott, Scott Dairy Farm
Jason Singer, JASE Construction Services
Associate Directors
Darla Cravotta – Allegheny County, Office of County Executive
Robert Jagger – The First City Company