Watershed Importance

Do a web search for “watershed” and browse through the information you find or contact any local watershed organizations to find out more and help out.

Water Conservation

For instance… turn off running water while brushing your teeth. Or, wait until a storm passes to take a shower so the stormwater system isn't overloaded.

Stream Cleanup

You could contact your local municipality to find out what activities might be available. If none are planned…plan one!

Household Waste Disposal

Items such as batteries and toxic chemicals are commonly found in homes. Look for local events for proper disposal methods or contact your municipality.

Create a Rain Garden

Instead of an island/mound in your yard…create a rain garden in which to direct water. Rain gardens can be a attractive addition to your landscaping.

Add a Rain Barrel

Rain barrels can capture the stormwater flowing off your roof thus reducing the stormwater inputs to the sanitary system, and you can use the water for your garden!

Native Plants

See if you can incorporate other features (native shrubs, butterfly gardens, etc.) that can reduce your manicured lawn…and the amount of mowing time.

Protect Streambanks

The root structures near water help to keep soil in place and the trees provide shade to help keep temperatures low for aquatic life and other habitat.

Mark Storm Drains

Most folks don’t make the connection between storm drains and streams. Help them by undertaking a storm drain marking program.