Resources for Watershed Groups

Field Guide for Healthy Water
Learn to measure alkalinity, chloride, conductivity, dissolved oxygen and more Download Here

Water Pollution by Color
Report active or ongoing spills and dumping Download Here

Common Parameters
Learn what, how and when to monitor for common parameters
Download Here

Pollution Tolerance Index
Use this quick procedure to sample stream organisms
Download Here

Primary Water Quality Issues
Find common water quality issues and learn what watershed groups can do
Download Here

Monitoring Data Sheet
Follow this data sheet for chemical and flow monitoring
Download Here

How to Plant Stream Buffers
Get the basics on conservation buffers for streams
Download Here

Planting with Live Stakes
Find instructions on tree and shrub planting with live stakes
Download Here

How to Plant a Tree
Follow these step-by-step directions for basic tree planting
Download Here

Guide to Stormwater
Use this guide to develop a stormwater management plan for your property
Download Here

How to Form a Watershed Group
Begin the task of forming a group of local partners into an effective associationDownload Here

Watershed Map
Download a map of Allegheny County watersheds
Download Here