Sleepy Hollow Riparian Buffer Sleepy Hollow Run is a 2.5-mile-long named stream within the Peters Creek watershed that drains a 700-acre area including the southern section of Allegheny County’s South Park County Park.

Sleepy Hollow Run |
The stream is degraded by excess siltation and organic enrichment due to stormwater runoff. Much of this impairment is most likely due to the residential development on steep slopes in the upper half of the Sleepy Hollow Run watershed and a number of horse farms just upstream of the park. The Sleepy Hollow Riparian Buffer project proposes to address these issues by developing about 50 feet of forested buffer on both sides of Sleepy Hollow Run in South Park to slow down stormwater flows and filter out pollutants. Native trees, shrubs and herbaceous plants will be planted along both sides of Sleepy Hollow Run to stabilize the stream banks and enhance the floodplain forest. The entire project involves approximately 5 acres of floodplain along Sleepy Hollow Run.

Project Partners |
The design and species composition of the planting is a cooperative effort between Allegheny County Parks, the Peters Creek Watershed Association and ACCD. Groups such as the Pittsburgh Chapter of the Student Conservation Association, South Park High School Environmental Club and local Scouting Troops as well as PCWA volunteers will be enlisted to help with the planting and as part of an educational outreach effort and assist with long-term maintenance and monitoring of the project to ensure the planting’s success.