ACCD’s Watershed Solution Center has been working to create and improve fish habitat with in-stream fish structures since 2007. Initial projects begin in the Deer Creek Watershed with a partnership between ACCD, Armstrong Conservation District, PA Fish & Boat Commission, Deer Creek Watershed Association and Indiana Township. Since those initial projects, we have assisted with numerous other projects in Pine Creek, Peters Creek, Montour Run and Millers Run. In-stream fish habitat structures provide habitat for fish and macroinvertebrates. In addition, they provide for streambank stabilization, which reduces sediment and improves stream hydrology.

Hampton Habitat Improvement Project |

The Hampton Habitat Improvement Project consisted of stabilizing approximately 360 feet of stream bank and addressing a severe erosion problem. Stabilization was achieved through construction of in-stream structures that not only helped stabilize the stream banks but also provided fish habitat improvements. The structures being installed included 3 single log vane deflectors; 3 log frame stone deflectors; 2 saw-tooth stone deflectors; and 4 root wad installations. This project is estimated to eliminate 12 tons of soil erosion per year and protect appoximately 400 feet of flood plain. In addition, the members of Allison Park Sportsmans Club and community were educated about the benefits of these types projects through an informational meeting with speaker Mark Sausser, Habitat Manager for the PA Fish & Boat Commission.

Pine Creek Stream Restoration at North Park |

Pine Creek flows through North Park, in Hampton, McCandless, and Pine Townships. In 2016 and 2017, ACCD collaborated with Allegheny County Parks Department to address two 500 ft sections of the creek that has suffered from accelerated streambank erosion and excess siltation. Multiple bank stabilization and fish habitat improvement structures have been constructed in order to decrease the rate of erosion and create habitat for the publically fishable, trout stocked property. In addition to the Parks Department, ACCD worked with Pennsylvania Fish & Boat, Allegheny County Public Works, Trout Unlimited, and Allison Park Sportsman Club to complete this section. We are currently working to design and permit phase 3 for summer 2018.