Turtle Creek Stormwater Management Project. Some of our oldest, most highly developed communities are located in the Turtle Creek Watershed that expands both Allegheny and Westmoreland Counties. As a result, about 3.5 miles of the stream are affected by sedimentation, bank erosion and degraded water quality due, in part, to excess stormwater.

Allegheny and Westmoreland Conservation Districts are working together to address some of these issues through the implementation of 14 stormwater best management practices (BMPs) to capture stormwater runoff at various locations in the two counties.

Projects will include:
  • 1Rain Garden at Steward Elementary School, Gateway School District
  • 2Stormwater Basin Retrofit at Monroeville Senior Citizen Center
  • 3Permeable Pavement Installation at Monroeville Library
  • 4Four Municipal Stormwater Basin Retrofits in Murrysville
  • 5Four Municipal Stormwater Basin Retrofits in Penn Township

The project was awarded approximately $280,000 through the Growing Greener Program to address this issue. These BMPs will use the natural abilities of plants and soils to capture and filter runoff, which will reduce the amount of polluted runoff as well as total volume of stormwater entering Turtle Creek.

When combined with the BMPs in Westmoreland County, the project will capture over 450,000 cubic feet of runoff from developed land.

Changes to the Monroeville Senior Center Detention Pond including sediment removal and a new riser structure to replace the existing collapsed outlet. The existing asphalt parking spaces at the Monroeville library will be removed and replaced with permeable paving, crushed stone base and an underdrain tied in to the existing storm inlets. A large raingarden will be installed to address runoff from the significant entrance lot at Gateway School District.